This website is dedicated to the Reliant Ant. In particular, the cheeky little chappy you see to your right.
Why this particular one?
Because I own it.

If you have just stumbled across this website, and would like to know more, I'm hoping to put a few links on here soon.
If you have an Ant, email me! If you have some pictures, some stories, or insights, like cornering techniques, how to attain perfect run-up speeds for hills ... let me know, and I'll do my best to post them here.

I've found some bits and pieces about Ants on the internet, but not a lot, so maybe this may become a bit of a resource.
Although my Ant may look like it is whizzing along, the truth is that it ran out of whizz some time ago, and is in a rather sorry state. I've bought a bit of a wreck, but hope to have it running once again for the summer.
You can chart my progress with the project link. Any suggestions, advice, scorn, or even encouragement is welcome!


Image - My Mighty Ant(Many thanks to Kerry Croxton for the picture of my
Ant doing its rounds as a milkfloat in 1995)

Project Progress - Its DONE !!
(Well... as good as)